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  • Representative Jim McGovern on the Finca Vigía Foundation
  • One True Sentence #2 with Craig McDonald
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  • Marc Dudley on Race
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  • Stacy Keach on Playing Hemingway
  • Alex Vernon on War
  • Julia Sweig on Cuba
  • James McGrath Morris on John Dos Passos
  • Kirk Curnutt on F. Scott Fitzgerald

Our Music

Most of our episodes begin with the first minute of Hemingway’s mother Grace Hall Hemingway’s song “The Leicester Waltz.” She was a classically trained opera singer who gave voice lessons and recitals in the family home on Kenilworth Avenue in Oak Park, Illinois. She also oversaw the design of that house. A true artistic talent in her own right! We’re excited about the energy this song brings to the show. It was recorded by Michael Surratt (piano).

Our closing song, “Tutti Mi Chiamano Bionda,” is the Italian folk song that Hemingway and Mary sang together the night before he committed suicide in July 1961. It is a gorgeous song that brings a fitting end to each and every one of our episodes. It was was performed by the following University of Evansville music faculty, students, and alumni: Dennis Malfatti (Professor of Music; music coordinator; accordion), Griffin Devoy (voice), Michael Kmiecik (guitar), and Adam Smith (voice/audio technician).